Tuesday, April 13, 2021



They didn't pick up my trash last week, so it paid there all week. It was still there this morning when I put THIS week's trash out. It's ALL still lying there at 6:30PM as I type this. they have also failed to pick it up FOUR other times in the past year or so. Obviously, I'm paying for service that I'm NOT receiving.
Since they don't usually pick up this section of road until about 3 to 4PM, I don't realize for sure that they've missed it until their office is closed. On one prior occasion when I called the next day (Wednesday), they assured me that someone would be there THAT DAY to get it. They told me the same thing Thursday and Friday. At least they took it the following week that time. Yes, the bill has ALWAYS been paid, usually 60 days IN ADVANCE.
Is anyone else having this problem with Waste Management?


Brenda said...

I had that problem a couple of times in San Jose. I called the next day and they did come pick it up! I would stay on them!! In the 80's we moved to Colorado. They had numerous choices for trash pick up. We chose one and our pick up day was different than what we had before we moved there so I forgot to put the trash out. THEY CAME TO THE DOOR AND ASKED FOR MY TRASH!!!!!! Now that is service. I will never forget it. All the small companies were eventually bought out to one large company. Such a shame.

Gorges Smythe said...

Now THAT is service, Brenda! - lol