Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wednesday Memes And Memories


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Peteforester said...

Israel has this right; two years of compulsory military service upon graduation from high school... NO EXCEPTIONS. If we did that here, this country would be an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PLACE. Politicians wouldn't be so quick to send their own kids to war. The race-bait industry would cease to exist. You can't tell someone to hate the white guy or the black guy or the brown guy... who has his back!

I had a "hot box" in my attic. My Nest thermostat indicated it wasn't getting voltage from the HVAC in the attic. I went into the attic and pulled the maintenance panel off the unit and noticed it wasn't getting power. I checked power at the outlet. It was OK. I checked the 110V input to the HVAC; no power. I opened up the box where the power cord was attached to the HVAC wiring. The wiring had gotten so hot in there, the wires and the wirenuts had completely melted away! On one wire the wirenut had melted to the point where the wires separated, breaking the circuit, and probably saving my house... thank you, Jesus! Don't Mickey Mouse your wiring, folks! There's room for error even when things are done right! ...The previous owner of the house was a licensed electrician...

Gorges Smythe said...

I built my house when I was 25 and knew very little about wiring. Surely it's only by God's grace that it's still standing.