Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wednesday Memes And Memories


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Peteforester said...

Most people have no idea how small ships were when the New World was settled. Heck Columbus' ships were less than 100ft long!!!

The gun safety in the classroom pic; look at the kid, 3rd from the right!

I can't believe there were actually 9.8M people who actually watched the Oscars. Perhaps they counted dogs and cats as well... Waidaminute... 'Better add the goldfish...

We have people in our town who move into perfectly good, well maintained houses with beautiful yards... and immediately start importing JUNK to adorn them with... It's as if their sole purpose is to crater the values of every other house in the neighborhood! ...Hmmm...

Governors Island used to be a Coast Guard base. I spent almost a year there in the CG's electronics and telecom schools. The picture is of the ferry landing, and yes, the Statue of Liberty IS that close to it!

I have a freeze drier at my house. Strawberries taste GREAT freeze dried!

The guy shoulda waited until he GOT HOME from Ikea before putting that bedframe together!

The WTC collapsed due to an architectural flaw. There were tensioned cables that ran diagonally from corner to corner of each floor of the building. This allowed the building to be vertically strong and light, and yet flexible enough to sway in the wind; up to six feet, side to side. The architects didn't count on the heat generated by the burning jet fuel, which started melting the cables apart. As soon as they did, the sides of the buildings bulged outward. The structures above bulged walls then fell into the widened space. That's why the buildings basically fell in on themselves, top to bottom. This was explained to me by an architect...

Gorges Smythe said...

Yes, Pf, and the second from the left looks like he''s biting his thumb. - lol

I'm sure I buy the cable story, but it's as good as any I've heard yet.