Saturday, May 22, 2021

4:30AM Porch Sit


I tried going back to sleep, but I knew that I should check on the pooch, so I finally gave in and went downstairs. There, I found the little gal lying against the bathtub looking at me. I was hoping that didn’t mean she’d drained on the carpet and was avoiding the scene of the crime. I put the harness on her, put on my hoodie and took her out. I was relieved that she made a pretty good puddle. When we took our stations on the porch, I zipped up the hoodie. I put the hood up but decided it was too much, so I put it back down. Normally, I wouldn’t even wear a shirt at such a comfortable temperature, but I wanted to keep my aching left shoulder covered. I was surprised that the hoodie actually felt pretty good.

There was a lot of truck traffic on the distant interstate, unlike this time yesterday or even the past midnight. I suppose a lot of long-haulers were making an early push to get home to see their families. The coyotes of midnight had grown silent and fewer dogs were barking in the distance. It was too early for birds to be singing, but I heard a couple chirps--nervousness at something they’d heard perhaps. Last night at midnight, I heard what sounded like two large birds fighting for their lives for about a minute--then silence. I suppose one ate. Sometimes the darkness isn’t so peaceful.

Light clouds were letting only an occasional star show through. Despite morning clouds, it’s supposed to be another hot one tomorrow. High 80s in May seems a bit much. We got a fair amount of rain recently, but the last few days have been dry and we’re supposed to have a few more. My farmer friend in Manitoba finally got a little rain. It’s funny how I sat there in the darkness thinking of rain in Canada. I guess it’s easy for your mind to wander when there’s nothing pressing coming at you.

Eventually, I thought I detected a slight brightening in the east, but not enough to get the birds singing. One of the roosters out the road tested the day with a few crows, but soon decided to go back to sleep. I imagine the hens were happy. My sitter was getting uncomfortable, so I chose not to try waiting for yellow hues and birdsong. The pooch seemed happy enough to go in after our half-hour sit, maybe because she knew I’d give her a cookie and a beef stick. I should really get back to bed. Copyright 5/22/2021



John said...

Nothing better than awaiting the dawn sitting on a favourite site, used to love fishing upon the river Weaver too many years ago Mr. Smythe setting up a couple of hours afore dawn and just letting nature’s day shift awake around me.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a winner, John.

Cederq said...

I am in South Dakota for another month, waiting on getting my driver's license renewed, then heading further East the first of July, was thinking of heading down to Arkansas and seeing if that works for me. I got up at about 5am and listened to the birds chirping and the wind whistling through the Plains. I had my little anklebiter by my side and she was content to lie against my side and listen too. An older fellow in the trailer next to me came out about 6am with a couple cups of coffee and we both sat there and not spoke a sound, but had one heck of a nice conversation.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a good morning, C.