Friday, May 14, 2021



The missus went to the doctor today to be examined for possible laser surgery on her cataracts and was cleared for it on July 20th. He won’t do the surgery, but he does the exams. Funny thing was that he said nothing about her blood pressure or diabetes causing a problem, though he knew of both. Maybe the bleeding in her eye was better, or maybe not. They didn’t take her blood pressure, but they DID take her eye pressure.

Her diabetes doctor had acted like both needed to be nearly perfect or they wouldn’t operate. I have to wonder if she was just trying to hang onto my wife as an active patient to get more money. Then again, did this doctor slide things through just so he and his buddy could get THEIR money? I don’t trust ANY of them any more.

Incidentally, despite an 8:10 appointment, we were there for 2-1/2 hours this morning, most of it WAITING and traveling between forty-leven little exam rooms with a half-dozen different techs. Despite us both having breathing problems, they got spastic if our masks slipped out of place. They did their best to keep us standing all the time, but I’d taken the missus in her wheelchair, so it was only me that suffered. It’s like they’re trying to kill off us old folks. Copyright 5/14/2021



Cederq said...

Gorges, I saw this back beginning in the 90s, medical tyranny... Doctors pulling this crap and medical staff going along with it. It isn't just the covid flu, though they are milking it for all they can. I have gotten tired of it and have been weaning myself off of my meds as some you can't go cold turkey and have to lower the dose until you can stop. It is only going to get worse. There was a time people did not trust docs and hospital and that time is coming back.

Alan said...

I really do believe they are trying to kill us old folks Gorges. I've had to take an ambulance to the hospital emergency room twice in the last 12 months because of two prescriptions my doctor prescribed that were suppose to cure what ailed me but instead made me deathly ill.
And just trying to see my doctor is a pain. Last time I called her office and asked to see her because I wasn't feeling well. I wanted to see her that day if possible. I was told I would have to take a Covid test before I could come. Ok, I said. Was told they would schedule one. They called back in 2 hours and said they had me scheduled to take a Covid test in the parking lot of the hospital 2 days later at 02:00 PM. So I take it and they tell me it will take 2 days to get the results to my doctor. So after 5 days I get to see her and that was one of the times she prescribed pills that sent me to the emergency room.

Gorges Smythe said...

Understandably so, C.

I don't believe in frivolous lawsuits, Alan, but I'd sue.