Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hither And Yon And Long Ago


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Dad and I at the Pringle Tree near Buckhannon, WV, 1965.

A great aunt, plus Sis and I at the Cincinnati Zoo, 1965

Dad, Sis and I at Hawk's Nest and along the New River, 1975.

 My mother-in-law, wife and myself in Ohio's Amish country, 1985.

Stepson, wife and me at Blackwater Falls Canyon overlook, 1986.

Wife, stepson and me at Hawk's Nest and Babcock State Parks and Jackson's Mill State 4-H Camp, 1987.

Mom, aunt, wife and me at Harper's Ferry, 1990.

Wife and me at Watters Smith State Park, 1990

Mom, wife and me at Blackwater Falls State Park, 1991.

Mom, wife and me at Blackwater, 1995.

Wife and I looking in window of chuch where a friend was preaching at Big Bend, WV, 1995.