Monday, May 17, 2021



My 2007 Tundra dual cab wasn't cheap to begin with, but then nothing is. There were several small issues that had to be dealt with under warranty. Then the radio went bad just AFTER it went out of warranty.

Then the cruise went out due to overly-short wires in the steering column. I got it fixed, but it soon went out again.

Then, I apparently hit something hard on the highway, which cracked or bent a housing on the lower front end of the engine, which damaged a wire which made my 4WD quit working. After saving several hundred dollars over the course of the WINTER, I got it fixed and paid through the nose for the privilege.

Then, my air-conditioner quit holding coolant and three different shops could not find the leak. I haven't had AC for three years now because it would cost over $1000 to replace all the components.

Last year, the solenoid needed replaced--what used to be a $50 job on older vehicles. However, because it was a Toyota, it cost $900.

It's not a desperate situation, but after 210,000 miles, the brakes are starting to get a bit choppy. The local shop was running a special on $200 brake jobs. However, because it's a Toyota, it would cost $900. I guess I'll wait a while longer.

Toyota always had a good reputation, but mine has turned out to be a lemon. Here I am in my old age with a truck that I can't afford to keep and can't afford to get rid of. Copyright 5/17/2021



anonymous said...

The price of car repairs is outrageous! I'm sorry you're having to pay so much. Lord,please help in ways that only You can. -Mary

Cederq said...

Last Toyota pick up I had was a 1986 1 ton, 8 foot bed, 2whl drive and was a very simple and easy to repair truck, I even had AC on it on the old 22R fuel injected engine with a 5 speed. It was dependable, hard working truck that I used to commute to the hospital where I worked 35 miles away. It got much better gas mileage then my 1985 C2500 Chevy PU.

Paul said...

Have found that to be true for most of the jap brands given age that does not phase domestics. Do not plan on ever having another.

tsquared said...

I could have told you not to buy a Toy. I had a 99 F-150 Lariat that was 13 years old with 180k and a few issues that would cost about $3k to fix. My father passed away and I inherited his 2000 Tundra, X-cab, 4x4, Open Dif, V8, TRD that had 68k miles on it. I sold the Lariat for peanuts and started driving the Tundra. The first time I took it in the woods it got stuck on a trail the Lariat w/ posi 2wd had no problems with. I also bent the rear axle. I replaced it with an 04 Posi unit.

The Tundra then had charcoal canister codes that I cased for 5 years and never really fixed. It got 11 mpg in town and 13 on the highway with stock sized street tires. It went down when I put A/T's on it. It had no low end power and had to be turning 3300 rpm before it had any guts.

Whatever engineer that thought that putting the starter under the intake was a good idea needs to be bull whipped. I also had to do a fuel pump at 75K. That alerted me to the frame rust. I wire brushed most of it but I did cut out some of the frame and replace it and box in the rest with drain holes and coat everything in POR500.

I drove it 5 years and put 60k miles on it. It was a weak truck that couldn't pull a load, that had major design flaws, and was not much of a truck. I have a 2004 2wd Ford Ranger with a 3.0L V-6 that is a tougher truck.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thank you, Mary.

I'm glad that you had a good experience with it, C, I'm sure that many other folks did, too. However, I've also learned that I'm not alone in my opinion.

Can't blame you, Paul.

I avoided Fords for many years due to certain problems they had, ts, but would probably choose them first at this point.

Cederq said...

I think my experience differs from you and tsquared is I had an older truck before Toyota started up-sizing and offer fancier rigs like the Tundra and full size Tacomas where their quality started suffering and people having ghastly problems with them. In my truck I got 22mpg in town and 26 on the highway and only problem I had was an alternator go bad which I fixed myself.

Gorges Smythe said...

That makes perfect sense, C.