Friday, May 14, 2021

Rather far right-ish, but fundamentally the truth


The masses walking around society today have become a death cult of lunatics who believe a long list of insane, self-destructive things:

  1. That being injected with deadly, experimental vaccines will “save” them.
  2. That America needs to be destroyed because of “systemic racism.”
  3. That men can have babies, women can produce sperm and children should be physically maimed as young as six years old to achieve “gender equality.”
  4. That nobody needs to work any longer, and that government should simply pay everyone to be consumers, not producers.
  5. That Big Pharma, the CDC and Fauci are all good faith operators who are trying to help humanity and save lives.
  6. That all fossil fuels are inherently bad, and society should shut down all pipelines and refineries, plunging America into mass starvation, lawlessness and chaos, all in the name of “the environment.”
  7. That all White people are racist, and that violence and discrimination against Whites is “justice” or “equality.”
  8. That communist is wonderful, and America would be a much better country if it were ruled by China.
  9. That all police are bad, and society would be far better off if all police were eliminated, and criminal gangs allowed to run free.

These are insane, destructive ideas, yet they are being pushed so aggressively by the contrived fake news media and culture programming channels that most Americans now believe these things.

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Keith said...

Those that advocate the list are less than a few percent of the American population. What creates and sustains the agenda, is the media, which is part of that very, very low percentage. The media controls the narrative and controls the agenda of the Democrat party's lust for power and control. The media is the proverbial "enemy within".

Gorges Smythe said...

This is one place where we disagree, Keith. I think about half the population believes the bulk of those points.

Durand said...

Gorges, Thanks so much for the photos of children playing. It warmed my heart!

Peteforester said...

This past weekend I wasted about two hours of my life watching a movie called "In The Shadow Of The Moon," where "someone" was traveling through time, killing people. "BLM" was neatly woven into the beginning of the flick, even though the picture was set in 1989. By the end of the two hours I wasted, I was being told that, to save the world, it was OK to go back through time and kill anyone who had anything to do with "the movement" that was going to destroy the world. There was one guy responsible for founding "the movement." Of course, he HAD to be the leader of a white supremacist militia. In the movie, it was being preached as "OK" to kill off anyone who had to do with the founder of "the movement." This meant Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles, friends, and anyone who had even HEARD of "the movement." Of course, all of "the movement's" founders received evil messages folded in between the pages of history books about the Founding Fathers of the United States. THIS is what people have been bottle-fed over the last year of "pandemic." Gee; I wonder why people are taking bats and rebar to total strangers they "don't like!" It isn't just the MSM; it's Hollywood as well. BLM, "social justice," the plight of the "poor illegal immigrants" yearning to simply mow our lawns and clean our toilets, and whatever else they can think of is being woven covertly and overtly into "entertainment."

I really don't care if I "spoiled" this movie for everyone reading this. Better you know about what you're going to waste your time watching before you waste the time!

Folks, it's time to show the "entertainers" just how little we need what they're "selling..." Set the "ON/OFF" switch to the "OFF" position!

Gorges Smythe said...

Sometimes, Durand, That's what we need most.

We almost never watch anything out of Hollywood anymore, Pf.