Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Speeding and Braking


I don’t drive fast enough for most folks. First, I’m old and in no hurry, second, I always drive so that I can stop within my field of vision, three I don’t follow closely and drive so I rarely have to brake for bends or stop lights, four, I allow for road conditions. As a result, I frequently get the bird or a good cussing because I’m not going the speed the person behind me wants to go. This often happens even when they can pass, though sometimes they sit back there like knots on a log and don’t.

There are others, though, who tear around me and then have to stand on their brakes to avoid ramming the car in front of me. Others fly up to a stop light and then have to slam on their brakes to keep from running it. Many folks pass me on a country road and then nearly stand their car on end before entering the next bend. Incidentally, it’s safer to accelerate slightly in a bend than to brake in one. Then there are those who fly around me only to brake hard to get turned into the next driveway. People really ARE idiots. Meanwhile, I generally tool along, not going that fast (though often at the speed limit) but seldom having to brake except for idiots, stop signs and ill-timed stop lights.

Not only have I had no wrecks that were my fault in my entire driving career, but I rarely need brake work. My 2007 pickup has 211,000 miles on it and is just now getting to where I think it needs a brake job. It seems to me that I had a couple pads replaced a few years ago, but I’m not certain. At this point, there is a slight thumping noise as I lightly ride the brakes going down a hill and a bit of surging or “catch and release” when I brake harder. The latter makes me think that my rotors need turned (if there’s enough left to be worth turning). I hate to think of the cost these days, but I also have to wonder how many brake jobs the speed freaks have had over the last 14 years. Copyright 5/12/2021


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