Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Navel


Did you know why to put different oils in and on the belly button?
Our Navel (Nabhi), is an amazing gift that our Creator has given us. According to science, the first part created after conception is the navel. After it is created, it joins the mother's placenta through the umbilical cord.
Our Navel is surely an amazing thing! All our veins are connected to our navel, which makes it the focal point of our body. The belly button is life itself!
The "Pechoti" is behind the navel, which has more than 72,000 veins. The total amount of blood vessels we have in our body is equal to double the circumference of the earth.
We knew that to lower the temperature to the babies, we put a cotton swab with alcohol in the navel, now we know that with oil, it's better.
Applying oil in the navel heals the dryness of the eyes, poor view, the pancreas, the heels, and chapped lips, keeps the face bright, the hair healthier, for knee pain, the chills, lethargy, pain in the joints and dry skin.
. Apply Neem Oil in your belly button - to get rid of stubborn pimples and acne
. Apply Almond Oil in your belly button- to help achieve a glowing face
. Apply Mustard Oil in your belly button - to get rid of dry, chapped lips. Will also keep your intestines moving to remove harmful bacteria but keep the good. Actually works as a mild detox.
. Apply olive oil or coconut oil - to improve your fertility
Keep alcohol dipped cotton on your belly button - to cure a cold, flu and a running nose. When a baby has stomach pain, we put a few drops directly in the navel and we give the massage around the naval a few minutes, the pain is cured. Oil works the same way.
Keep brandy-soaked cotton ball on your belly button - to ease menstrual pain and cramps
Sesame Oil is used for all types of joint pains. It is also known to strengthen bones. Many parents use in their children every night at bedtime.
Use an equal amount of Mustard Oil And Ginger Oil For Upset Stomach, Bloating, Nausea and digestive problems.
Using Warm Ghee improves blood flow to the nervous system and also enhances the immunity system.
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Mamahen said...

I have never heard any if these. I tried to Google it, but couldn't find it.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'd never heard any of it either. I do well to keep the lint out! - lol

Mamahen said...

Lol...well I don't have one, since I had my hernia surgery a few years ago.