Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thursday Memes And Memories


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Peteforester said...

Play clothes and play shoes... I used to wonder if my parents knew about recess...

We'll never be permitted to see the depth of corruption that manifested itself in the 2020 election... These people are setting the stage for "investigation" of something that's already known. That's part of the corruption in itself...

The COVID "vaccine;" Would you jump onto an airplane that got "emergency approval" and was put into service in as short a time as the COVID "vaccine?"

I hadn't seen a Sinclair gas station since I was about seven years old. Damned if a new Sinclair station opened in my town last week. I thought that company went out of business!

My first thought is that guy is rich enough to afford a TRUCK!!! Leastwise, he was before he bought the wood!

We had 13 channels on Long Island on VHF, and a few UHF channels that no one ever watched. I moved out to the Wild, Wild West, and we had... two channels... period... That was with the antenna hovering sixty feet over the rooftop!

Gorges Smythe said...

Pf, growing up, we had "2-1/2" channels plus a UHF when we hooked up the rabbit ears.