Thursday, June 10, 2021

About the movie "Cruella"


Angela Hightower Préjean

WARNING! It is not often that I do this but I need to
WARN all parents
and all who love GOD
about this film. My family and I rented this thinking it was similar to the 101 Dalmatians Disney type of Cruella and would be something lighthearted and somewhat nostalgic.
First, it is NOT. This is a very dark rendition of Cruella glorifying the devil at every twist and turn.
In the beginning, as an adult, it was entertaining and an interesting take at how Cruella became who she is. For me, As a woman who loves fashion, I was dazzled by the spectacular costumes and the couture theme throughout the film. I also am a huge fan of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson’s work.
However, it began to get darker and more evil as the film continued. Then, by the end, they kept repeating that “De Vil means devil” and ended with Cruella changing the name of the chateau to
Hell Hall.
They do not write her name as DeVille but changed it to De Vil
The lyrics to the theme song say this:
Call me crazy, call me insane
But you're stuck in the past
And I'm ahead of the game
A life lived in penance, it just seems a waste
And the devil has much better taste
And I tried to be sweet, I tried to be kind
But I feel much better now that I'm out of my mind
Well, there's always a line at the gates of Hell
We want to know why there are so many issues in the world and why we feel the weight of darkness? It’s because we are literally glorifying evil and desensitizing our youth.
I CANNOT keep silent about this. I am daughter of God and a lover of Christ and I refuse to sit still and keep my mouth shut. I am so distraught by this movie that there is NO Way I am not going to warn people. I am a warrior and I wear the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:10
Our youth is the future of the world. It is obvious that Disney is breeding the works of evil into young minds.
We need to stand up and fight against darkness and protect our children from thinking this is OK. IT IS NOT!!!
6/8/21 4:29pm
This has clearly struck a nerve so after over 6000 comments, this is my reply to everyone’s comments below:
I stand firm in my post. We are always fighting the principalities of darkness whether you believe that or not. And if only one seed is planted with the intent of God’s goodness and the light of Jesus then my post did something right. I urge all of you to read Ephesians 6:10-21. Then read the lyrics of the theme song Call me Cruella. Then let’s have a conversation. If you think Satan comes to you appearing like a monster then this post is exactly what you need to read. I am ok with the conversations below because I gain my strength not from you but from Christ. Be alert and be aware, especially when it comes to children. And FYI, last time I checked, a 13 yr old is still a child and I will not apologize for looking out for them. My intentions were for good. Period.



Peteforester said...

Disney went over to the dark side a long time ago, when it started having "pride days." I feel sorry for parents now. Satan is always looking for a way in, and modern media is holding the door open for him. A couple of days ago, one of your memes said something about rat poison being 95% grain, and 5% poison. That's the modern media. The evil is slipped in, a little at a time. It sucks too, as if you eliminate TV from your house it becomes the forbidden fruit for the kids. In the late 60's/early 70's there was a soap called Dark Shadows. My mom wouldn't let me watch it. What did I do? I went over my friend's house and watched it, and watched it only because I wasn't allowed to at home. Thing is, MOST of television WASN'T Dark Shadows. Soon enough, I bored of being a "bad boy," and turned off Dark Shadows. In this day and age, you can't turn in any direction without being bombarded by evil... not even in Disneyland...

Gorges Smythe said...

It's a sad state of affairs, Pf.