Monday, June 28, 2021



When my wife turned 65, we went to the Social Security Office to see if she could get a monthly SS check and/or Medicare. They said that she could not draw on her first husband, since he died before they were married 20 years and she had never been “gainfully employed.” We accepted that.

When I began drawing disability, we checked on it again, but they said that I couldn’t get Medicare until I turned 65, five years later. Nor could she get Medicare despite me being “retired” by disability, so any medical expenses she had during those five years would have to be paid by us. We accepted that.

When I turned 65, I got Medicare and they told my wife that she could then file for it. They also began giving her SS and “discovered” that she SHOULD have been getting it ever since I went on disability, so they also gave back pay. She gladly accepted that.                                   

So she filed for Medicare and got part A. IN FACT, they said that she’d already had it since I went on disability, but for some reason, they never bothered to tell us. Thus, she paid for some medical expenses with cash that SHOULD have been covered during that time. We were not happy.

When we filed for Part B, they kept telling us to wait until a certain time, but they kept changing the time. My wife wasn’t pleased that she’d lose about $150 a month to pay for it, but what can you do? Eventually, we got a letter saying that fines would be added for the time since she’d turned 65 and hadn’t filed and paid for it (out of the SS they wouldn’t give her and in spite of the fact that they’d told her that she COULDN’T file for it). We DID NOT accept it.

I sicced my stepson on them, as he has more patience with bureaucrats than I do. He’s had assurances that there would be no fines and was also told there WOULD be. The current level means my wife will receive less money every month than they will steal. He talked to a woman today from the SS Administration who he thought was foreign but I thought had a ghetto accent. What was obvious was that she was old and had lost her ability to comprehend anything more than the words “yes” or “no.” She took him in the same circle literally about 20 times in about 1-1/2 hours, but always came back to the fact that she could not change the situation, no matter what. She said that no supervisor was available, but I don’t believe that, unless she was working from home. (Maybe she was drunk.)

My stepson is going to send them a letter. After that, we’ll be talking to a local attorney who specializes in fighting SS injustice. What a pain.



Alanatswbell said...

Hello, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sure enough, A.

Fred said...

SS is a pain in the rear. When my wife applied for it they cut her ss in half because she was going to get a pension from the school district. That ain't right.

Gorges Smythe said...

Fred, considering that she literally paid for it, it's sheer theft!