Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Olympics My Foot!


The Olympics is supposed to be an event of world interest in the sense that any country which wants can participate and attend. Sadly, in their misguided attempt to fight an overblown disease (Covid), Japan has shut the rest of the world’s fans out. I assume they’re still letting all of the athletes participate, but they have, in effect, created a Japanese event, not an international one. Since the foreign fans must stay home, I believe all the athletes should too. That’s a tragedy after all their training and kills their chances of later endorsements, but if the Japanese want a solely national event, why not give it to them. They've made it all a farce, just like the disease they pretend to be fighting. The Japanese should be deeply ashamed.



Cederq said...

The Olympics lost me when they shut out Curling.... I am not a sports fiend. don't watch footsball, basketsball or figure skating, Now, a good baseball game or two I will watch but lately it seems the baseball leagues got woke too and are pandering to blm and the saint floyd crap. Give me The Good Book and some good books and our type of music with a good cup of coffee or tea and I am as happy as a clam in a oyster bed.

Gorges Smythe said...

I haven't watched sports since high school, C, but I still think Japan is being a jerk. Amen on the last sentence.

tsquared said...

If the event is anything like the '96 Olympics here in Atlanta they need to put baskets of condoms in all of the athletes rooms.

Gorges Smythe said...

Probably a good idea, ts.