Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday Memes And Memories


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Peteforester said...

Where I live, there was virtually NO crime in the 70's. Then our town was "discovered." City people moved here with their city ways. You know what really killed the town though; hurricane Katrina. Waidaminute, waidaminute... I'm in the Wild, Wild West; right? True enough. Our "city fathers" decided to re-home a bunch of Katrina "refugees..." Those people weren't "refugees." They were low-lifes who rode out the storm so they'd get first dibs in the looting. Now they're here, and the postman won't even deliver the mail in their neighborhoods for fear of his life... And now we have Traitor Joe peppering our once-great country with Haitian "refugees..." Get ready for some hellacious changes, folks...

What I wanna see is a few hundred Texans show up on horseback, guns on hips, shotguns in the scabbards, saying "You're gonna WISH all we had to work with was a set of reins, Traitor Joe!"

Dave Bagwill said...

#4 - Amen and Amen.

Dave Bagwill said...

And #63 - saying it like it is.
Our leaders should be ashamed, but it seems they are not able to feel the good office of that emotion.

tsquared said...

#5 Back in 2002 I got laid off. I got a business license for a consulting IT business. I went from making $65K a year to $35K and another $40k in unpaid bills. The second year was about the same so I went back to working for somebody else. I took people to court over unpaid bills and even showed up at a church to let the pastor know they were 4 months behind on their account. The second year I spent over 30 hours a week trying to get the payments that I was owed. The absolute worst were doctors.

Gorges Smythe said...

Agreed, Pf.

I agree on both comments, Dave.

I always heard that the worst to pay were teachers, preachers and lawyers, ts. I guess I'd believe doctors too. The richer they are, the more they try to get by with.