Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Laid To Rest,…..Finally


My sister died on September 6; we just buried her ashes today. It’s all been such a hurry up and wait affair. I’m not impressed by the mortuary OR the local Catholic priest. I wasn’t even originally told when her graveside would be and I’m the one who had her ashes!

It was a cold grey day…some might say fitting for the task. As my Catholic cousin and I waited in the truck for the others to show up, two elderly men arrived, walked slowly around the old boarded-up church building a few times and then left. I suspect they attended there when they were youngsters.

Soon after, my stepson, my cousin, a half dozen members of the Catholic church and the priest met in the little half-acre cemetery beside the abandoned Methodist church where my sister and I were raised. I noticed that Catholic services have one thing in common with Protestant ones - long windedness. Trees that were were short, when I was a kid, towered around the cemetery, blocking the view of the surrounding hills that I remembered.

I told them that it’s funny the things a person remembers from their childhood. Though long out of fashion by that time, many of the old ladies back then continued to wear their huge old hats, though pillboxes were the style by then. It was hard for a little fellow like me to peer between them and see the choir or the preacher. It was easier to see the latter when he hopped up on the prayer rail and paced back and forth on it’s four-inch width as he preached.

After we left the cemetery, my cousin and I had lunch at Bob Evans, then went to the place I’d bought my own headstone several years ago and bought one for my sister. They charged $742 to set a 10” by 20” stone, which they won’t get done for six months.

I then went to the pawn shop to see if they could order a pistol I wanted, but their suppliers didn’t carry it. After taking my cousin home, I got the pooch some KFC chicken and came home. Copyright 10/27/2021


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Pleasant Porch Sits, A Shower And A Haircut


It’s raining at the moment, but it sounds pleasant from inside the house. The wind is blowing just enough that I suspect the porch wouldn’t be a good place to sit right now. That hasn’t been the case for most of the last three weeks. It’s been a tad cooler than the summer’s end and mostly sunny, though there have been a couple showers and cloudy days. The breeze has been mostly light and pleasant, the birds have sang a bit and, of course, the crows have cawed. I’ve tried to take the pooch out fairly often, especially since my old bones won’t allow me to sit as long as they once did. Nearly every time I sit out there, I end up thanking the Lord for my ability to see and hear what He’s put before me. I am blessed.

It’s been really hard for me to shower lately, so I’ve been going rather grungy for days on end. Today, I took the back off and old shower chair and used the chair as a stool. That made things much easier and it was nice to feel clean again. My hair is normally the hardest part for me to wash, especially with my bad left arm, but it wasn’t much trouble today.

Since my hair was clean, I dove a few miles to my barber’s and got my ears lowered. Now I’ll look a bit better even those days when I DON’T get my hair washed. Hope all is well with you folks. Copyright 10/21/21


Monday, October 18, 2021

What A Dream!


I normally have several dreams a night. Most are benign little things. Some seem to have a plot and some organization, while others are disjointed and nearly senseless. The one I had about 5AM this day was entirely different.

I had attended a small country church with my mother, my late father and my late brother-in-law. Afterwards, I descended into what seemed to be a sub-basement looking for a restroom. The room was empty and I was alone, yet I could plainly hear someone whistling at the far end of the room. Thinking that was NOT a good sign, I went back upstairs a level to the regular basement, also empty.

The whistling stopped, but a large, black object, larger than a man came up the stairs as I approached the far end of the room. It looked somewhat like a spider, but the “legs” stuck out haphazardly, not in an orderly fashion. I considered it to be a demon and called it so. The thing remained silent, but after I told it that we were protected by Jesus Christ and that it could not harm us nor have any power over us, it returned slowly back down the stairs. I remember feeling a slight touch of anger, but no fear. That was the end of the dream.

I found it interesting that it was in a church, though I don’t know if that had any meaning. I don’t know if anything about the dream had meaning, other than the obvious truth of my statement. I don’t normally tell my dreams, but I felt I should tell this one for some reason. Make of it what you will. Copyright 10/18/2021