Thursday, October 21, 2021

Pleasant Porch Sits, A Shower And A Haircut


It’s raining at the moment, but it sounds pleasant from inside the house. The wind is blowing just enough that I suspect the porch wouldn’t be a good place to sit right now. That hasn’t been the case for most of the last three weeks. It’s been a tad cooler than the summer’s end and mostly sunny, though there have been a couple showers and cloudy days. The breeze has been mostly light and pleasant, the birds have sang a bit and, of course, the crows have cawed. I’ve tried to take the pooch out fairly often, especially since my old bones won’t allow me to sit as long as they once did. Nearly every time I sit out there, I end up thanking the Lord for my ability to see and hear what He’s put before me. I am blessed.

It’s been really hard for me to shower lately, so I’ve been going rather grungy for days on end. Today, I took the back off and old shower chair and used the chair as a stool. That made things much easier and it was nice to feel clean again. My hair is normally the hardest part for me to wash, especially with my bad left arm, but it wasn’t much trouble today.

Since my hair was clean, I dove a few miles to my barber’s and got my ears lowered. Now I’ll look a bit better even those days when I DON’T get my hair washed. Hope all is well with you folks. Copyright 10/21/21



Lady Locust said...

Glad your days have been pleasant and that you've found a solution that works for you :-) It's supposed to start raining here tonight. I have some beans and tomatoes to get in before it starts at 2AM (haha).

deb harvey said...

hi! love the porch sits and when you write glad you are clean again at thw pharmacy there are huge baby wipe things that i used to wash mom on non shower days try and see if they help

Mamahen said...

I'm happy to hear you are coping as well as can be expected under the circumstances. You are in my prayers daily!

Ralph Goff said...

I haven't been keeping up Gorges but it sounds like you are back at your own place?

Gorges Smythe said...

Better get to it, LL! - lol

I keep meaning to get some, dh; thanks.

Thank you and bless you, Mh.

I always have been except for four days in the hospital, Ralph. I just haven't been doing much. I'm still planning to move to my stepson's when he has the place ready enough.

Leigh said...

This -> "... I end up thanking the Lord for my ability to see and hear what He’s put before me. I am blessed." Gorges, you just made my day.

Gorges Smythe said...

Thanks, Leigh.