Monday, October 18, 2021

What A Dream!


I normally have several dreams a night. Most are benign little things. Some seem to have a plot and some organization, while others are disjointed and nearly senseless. The one I had about 5AM this day was entirely different.

I had attended a small country church with my mother, my late father and my late brother-in-law. Afterwards, I descended into what seemed to be a sub-basement looking for a restroom. The room was empty and I was alone, yet I could plainly hear someone whistling at the far end of the room. Thinking that was NOT a good sign, I went back upstairs a level to the regular basement, also empty.

The whistling stopped, but a large, black object, larger than a man came up the stairs as I approached the far end of the room. It looked somewhat like a spider, but the “legs” stuck out haphazardly, not in an orderly fashion. I considered it to be a demon and called it so. The thing remained silent, but after I told it that we were protected by Jesus Christ and that it could not harm us nor have any power over us, it returned slowly back down the stairs. I remember feeling a slight touch of anger, but no fear. That was the end of the dream.

I found it interesting that it was in a church, though I don’t know if that had any meaning. I don’t know if anything about the dream had meaning, other than the obvious truth of my statement. I don’t normally tell my dreams, but I felt I should tell this one for some reason. Make of it what you will. Copyright 10/18/2021



Pumice said...

Maybe it was Joe.

Grace and peace

Peteforester said...

I'm no prophet. I'm no clairvoyant. I'm just an aging retired Coast Guardsman. For some reason though, I am able to make sense of some the abstracts in dreams; the mechanics of them, if you will. Here's my take:

This was actually a good dream, Gorges...

The sub-basement is death. The black demon is your fear of death; more accurately, the fear of the unknown that accompanies death. Face it; that's the part of death that scares us... ALL of us... The random definition of the demon's shape symbolizes that. The church is the Body Of Christ, to which you and your family belong. The entire dream is God telling you not to be afraid of what's coming, that your faith has saved you, as evidenced by what happened to the demon when you bound it in the name of Christ. ...You will share in Christ's victory...

deb harvey said...

at my husband's first church i found a lot of wickedness my mother told me that the devil is the first one in the door on Sonday where else could he make so much trouble?
keep praying for God to cleanse the Church as well as the nation
we are going to be tested as our generations have never experienced before

Gorges Smythe said...

He IS a demon of sorts, Pumice! - lol

Thanks, Pf.

I fear you're right, dh.