Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Concerning road taxes on electric vehicles


The guru sent this:

" Re the pix on your blog asking who will pay taxes to maintain roads if everyone goes electric. 

Most people do not know this BUT YOU PAY MORE PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX or HIGHER REGISTRATION FEES on electric vehicles

Here in WV (remember, Deb works at the DMV) tag renewal for ANY hybrid electric vehicle raises the fees $100, and if it is all-electric (think Tesla, etc) the fees increase an additional $200, per legislation a few years back... all in addition to regular license renewal fees.

So if here in WV you drive an all-electric Chevy Bolt, Tesla, F150 Lightening, etc. your yearly license renewal fee will be $251.50.   

If it is a hybrid (gas/electrics ... think Ford Escape Hybrid, Accord Hybrid, Prius, etc.), yearly license fees will only be $151.50. 

Additionally, many states now put a (state AND local) yearly personal property tax EXCESS fee on electric vehicles, especially the all-electric ones."


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