Wednesday, June 29, 2022

More on the road tax


Once again from the guru:


State+Federal gasoline tax is 50.3 cents per gallon.  Flat rate WV gas tax is 20.5¢ a gallon.  

The average American driver uses 656 gallons per year. 

For an all electric WV vehicle generating that $200 license fee excess (plus regular registration fees), if we use the national averages, we come up $128 short in Fed+State taxes, again based on NATIONAL average of 656 gallons per year.  

NONETHELESS, and again based on national average, the WV $200 excess fee more than covers the $131.20 WEST VIRGINIA coffers would normally collect on gas tax per all-elextric vehicle (and is thus profitable for the state).  The hybrid tax is similarly profitable. 

As for Federal tax, let the Fed be hanged, but once electrification becomes the norm to the Feds satisfaction, the Fed will do similarly methinks. 

So, WV fees more than offset the WV gas tax lost per each electric vehicle — but do not address any Federal tax loss."


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