Friday, June 24, 2022

The Nose Knows


The Mighty Dachshund likes to lie against the bathroom door when it's swung inward against the commode. That puts her nose about three feet away from me when I pad up the hallway to avoid waking her. When I come back from the kitchen with only a bottle of water, her snoring never stops and I sit in the back room sipping away. HOWEVER, if I come back with food in my hands, her snoring continues, yet within a minute or so, she's sitting at my feet looking up at me to ask what I will be sharing with her. Sometimes, it's a single bite. More often, it's every other bite.

I think it's interesting that her nose can overpower her sleeping brain to tell her that food is nearby. In the wild, that same nose could warn her of danger. Just another example of how "survival of the fittest" works.


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