Monday, July 4, 2022

Helping Preserve The Heritage


Nearly ever since I've lived here,  I've allowed a couple young fellows to hunt my property. There's supposed to be about 100 acres (all timber), but with the inaccuracy of the old surveys and carelessness in math, I think it's closer to 120 (or more). I only live five miles from town and the land here keeps getting chopped up to where it's harder and harder to find a place to hunt. As a result, I approached the two fellows a couple years ago about buying a 70 acre chunk at a VERY fair price as partners, since they often hunt together anyway. The idea was to have a piece of hunting land that could be passed on to their kids and so on.

They jumped at the chance, so we've slowly been working out the details. Things are going to happen soon, I believe. Since I'm selling it below market price, so they can afford it, there are a couple stipulations. The land can never be divided or be used for anything except, hunting, or agricultural or forestry purposes. Also, no buildings can ever be built on the property,except for a one room cabin and an equipment shed. Those provisions will pass on to all future owners as well. That should keep anyone from trying to sell the place for a big profit. I figure if someone is going to make a profit, it should be me, if not me, then no one else needs to make a killing at my expense. I'm also reserving lifetime hunting rights for me and my stepson, though it's been five years since either of us has been out. Seems like a win-win to me.


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