Friday, July 1, 2022

Muggy Porch Sit


Now that The Mighty Dachshund is about 95% blind, she doesn't seem to care much for porch sits. I wonder if she might feel vulnerable being outdoors under the circumstances, though it doesn't slow her grass sniffing any. As a result, I only keep her outside for a few minutes after her morning drain and/or dump.

It was too hot and muggy for more than a couple minutes for a while earlier last month, but the last week or so has been sunny and pleasant, so I've stretched the sits as much as I can. Even the birds and squirrels seemed to enjoy the weather and have been calling more than they have since spring.

Today is different, though. They're predicting rain this weekend and today is overcast and very muggy. The birds and squirrels are still active, but are much quieter. Like is often the case before a rain, sounds are carrying well and distant dogs and distant vehicles sound much closer than they really are. The pleasant breeze we've had the last few days is gone and the air feels heavy.

I'm still enjoying sitting here in the swing, but the pooch is lying facing the door that she can't see, telling me that she'd rather not be here but that she's trying to be patient with me. We've sat here maybe ten minutes when she decides that enough is enough and walks to the door. (Even blind dogs get around surprisingly well.) I obediently follow her lead and return inside to spend another thrilling day here on Tick Ridge.


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