Friday, July 1, 2022

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'


But it ain't doagies rollin' today; it's the tater wagon. It began about an hour ago (12PM) some distance away to the south, and about half-an-hour ago, a gentle rain began falling. Sitting here in my shingle-covered cavern, it made for a nice audio performance. Like some kid at the movies, I sat there with a boughten bag of popcorn and enjoyed the show. The wind picked up a few minutes and made the rain sound less pleasant, but it soon died down. As always, I said a prayer asking that there be no damage from wind or lightning to man, beast or property and that we not lose our electric, cable or phones.

Eventually, the storm drew close enough that The mighty Dachshund barked some to tell it to pipe down. It did quiet a little and she quit barking. I gave her a couple treats to distract her and she went in the bathroom afterward to sleep off her small meal. The rain seems to have stopped, but the ol' tater wagon is still rollin' 'round to the south of us. Bad weather is always a good time to thank the Lord for a strong house with a good roof. I hope you find some pleasure in your day


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