Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nail Jars (w/pic)


I’m not telling most folks anything new here. A lot of our granddads used glass jars to store small amounts of nails, screws, bolts, nuts and sundry other small parts in their workshop area of the garage or basement. REALLY small quantities sometimes ended up in baby food jars or other small jars whose lids had been fastened to the ceiling or to the bottom of shelves or ceiling joists. I never felt brave enough to hang glass jars over my head, but I have used jars for years, putting them on shelves instead.

The nice thing for us modern folks is that so many of the jars now holding our foods are plastic (NOT good for the glass companies or our health, though). I say that because I’ve accidentally dropped more than ONE of those old glass jars over the last four decades and the results are always the same—little metal things to pick up and glass shards to sweep up. Yeah, this is one place that I like plastic.

In the photo above, the right-hand jar once held 35 oz. of Walmart brand peanuts. It’s now holding two pounds of # 6 galvanized nails, and would easily hold another pound. The one pound peanut butter jar in the middle just barely holds a pound of 1-1/2 inch drywall screws. If I remember, I had to jostle the jar a few times to get the lid on. The one on the left holds a partial box of what the piece of box-side says it holds. The box was falling apart, an obvious flaw of the flimsy little boxes they sometimes come in. That’s why I usually buy bulk nails and such at my local hardware store and put them in jars to begin with. Tomorrow, I’ll try to get a mailing label on the two right-hand jars, write their contents on the label and put them all away.

If you’ve never tried this method of keeping small parts and fasteners organized, you should give it a shot. Those little sets of metal or plastic drawers that you can buy never hold enough for me anyway. © 2016