Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Murdering Neighbors, Using A Lousy Tool, Asking For Prayer And Other Fun Activities

I can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier, but I murdered some of my neighbors Sunday night. I found their company extremely unpleasant, so I waited until after midnight (since I’d forgotten earlier) and gassed them. I killed hundreds of them, no doubt, probably thousands in fact. At least I didn’t burn their home, like many murderers do. Now, the next time I mow the yard I won’t have to watch for yellow-jackets.

I went out yesterday to see if any activity remained at the crime scene and took along the new pruning saw I mentioned the other day. A decent-sized ash sprout, which I thought would make a good walking staff, was growing in the forsythia bush. I was using the little saw for the first time, but it cut like it was already worn out. An inspection showed that Fiskars’ Chinese manufacturer thinks that adding a non-stick coating means that you can do away with setting the teeth. I have a saw set, but the teeth are supposedly hardened and I wonder if they will take a set, and if the teeth will break off if I try. It looks like Fiskars is no longer maintaining quality. What a shame for a formerly wonderful line of products.

I was so aggravated with having to “wear off” the ash sprout that I forgot to check the yellow-jackets, so I guess I’ll go back again before I mow. Incidentally, I looked up the sapling’s leaves in a 1949 Yearbook of Agriculture and it was a white ash, not that it matters, but we have at least a couple other varieties around here.

The missus is having a lot of pain these days, some probably due to serious reasons and some just plain old-fashioned arthritis. I have arthritis problems myself, plus two symptoms which aren’t bad separately, but could signal a serious situation when considered together. We don’t have healthcare of ANY kind, so our health and our lives are totally dependent on the grace of God; which is not a bad thing. I ask my Christian friends to say a prayer for the both of us that God might heal whatever is ailing us. We’re good-to-go spiritually, but would prefer to stick around a little longer if possible. Thanks in advance, as I know you will pray.

 The missus had her eyes checked today for the first time in years. The doctor found no disease or cataracts and only changed her lense prescriptions one notch. He said her eyes are in excellent shape. That was nice to hear.

It was another nice day here, cloudy but nice. Unfortunately, I squandered it by watching the 700 Club, taking a nap and then taking the wife and pooch for a spin after the news this evening. Oh well, if I die and leave work undone, it’s no skin off MY dead nose! – LOL

Thanks for your patience with my semi-coherent musings. May God bless you every one. © 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Good Laugh

We took the Mighty Dachshund for a spin just before dark this evening. We ended up near the downtown in what’s known locally as “the traffic circle.” The “dance troop” from our local high school was having a car wash or something down that way and they were on the sidewalk in their tall white boots and high-cut uniforms. They perform at half-time when the team plays. If they stuck with reasonably modest costumes and didn’t go into the bump and grind moves that pass for respectable dance these days, we’d have no problem with it, but they don’t. The high school on the other side of town pulled a copy-cat deal and now has one of their own dance groups.

Anyway, they began one of their routines, which started with some rocket-style leg movements, to get the attention of passersby. I ignored them, since that’s my usual response to folks who go out of their way to get attention. My wife, though, leaned forward and with her index fingers gave the hand signal that once meant “shame-shame” to generations of Americans. Maybe it still does, because she said their jaws absolutely DROPPED. Having only seen that reaction once in my life, I would like to have seen it, but it was too late. I cracked up as my wife shamed them and then described their faces, though. I told her that some may have cussed her; some may have said she was just an old fuddy-duddy, and some may have said she was just a religious “freak.” It doesn’t really matter; it was funny.

It’s kind of a shame though that girls aren’t taught to be ladies anymore, although, I’m sure they didn’t have time to get to the hip-grinding moves before my wife “commented.” They actually had the same thing when I went to the local high school, but it was relatively new then and they had yet to get quite as bold as they are now. Being the lusty young male I was, I thought it was fine back then. Times change, people change, human nature NEVER changes, but it’s still good for a laugh once in a while. © 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Week’s Review

The days all run together like flowing water in my old age. The sun is nearly set on another Sabbath; my Saturday is nearly ended, so I know that I’m a week closer to eternity. I don’t dread that fact; I know who and WHO is waiting on the other side. I NEVER know when this evil world that we live in will grow even worse, so I plan on enjoying what I can while I can, and often that means the little things.

Probably Monday night, I heard a whippoorwill singing deep in the main hollow when I took the pooch out at midnight. It was good to hear him sing. It was a sound from my youth, one growing less in frequency, they say, as West Virginia habitat changes. A couple nights ago, as I lay in bed at 3:30 AM, I heard a screech owl. Knowing how basically quiet they are, I suspect it was in the white oak that towers over the roof of our house. The small attic and the roof gave it a far-away sound, but that can be deceiving. I remember years ago, when I still lived with the folks, coming home in the wee hours of the morning to hear a screech owl somewhere in the back yard. I listened intently and checked the nearby trees with a flashlight to no avail. Finally, I thought to look straight up and there he was, only ten feet above me.

A week of beautiful September-like weather may soon be drawing to close. It’s been in the 70’s through the day and in the 50’s at night, sunny or partly cloudy through the day. Strangely, I’ve got little to show in work accomplished for such nice weather. I’ll blame it on the missus; that’s always a good plan. She’s been having me take her to the mall most days so she can walk. It’s hard on her but good for her. Of an evening, she wants us to take the Mighty Dachshund on a ride. Actually, the pooch DOES enjoy it and has even whined at us to take her when we hadn’t planned. Though the pooch is obviously spoiled, it’s normally the missus who seems to need it most.

I did manage to make a small needed repair to the porch swing this week. And, I assembled the wood needed to make a small ramp onto our porch, so the pooch wouldn’t have to jump in her old age. The boards are lying loose, but in place, and she’s decided that she likes the idea already. The ramp makes it easier for my old bones to get on the porch, too, and I’m making the ramp wide enough that a wheelchair can use it if ever needed. It will only be four feet long, but it will have a handrail on one side. The missus suggested that I paint a gritty surface on the thing. I thought that sounded like a good idea.

I tried disassembling the drawbar assembly that I’d tried to sell earlier, so I could get started on accumulating parts to convert it into a trailer axle. However, one of the bolts is rusted fast and I need to locate some bigger wrenches in the basement (wish me luck). Yesterday, I went around the yard spraying weed-killer on some poison ivy sprouts I’d been noticing. Plus, I finally got located the yellow-jacket nest I’d come across when I mowed the yard last time. Maybe I’ll gas it tonight (and maybe not). I located a couple of “transitional planes” in the basement I’d hoped to sell for gas money, but the antique shop guy said he had trouble moving them, so it looks like I’ll have to clean them up real good and sell them online; that’s a bother. I have plenty of planes, both wood and metal bodied, to do what work I’ll ever do.

The Mighty Dachshund and I have been getting in some good porch-sitting this week. Yesterday, I bumped into a former telemarketing co-worker at Chinamart. He was an honest-to-goodness stone mason in England before he moved here. Now, he does tire, brake and wiper installations at Sam’s club. Stone masonry is a dying art in this country, though I do have one on my friends list on Facebook. The latter fellow is a stone-carver now, though, more than a mason.

Today, I bought a Fiskars 13” straight pruning saw at Chinamart for $5 that usually sells for $13.92. That’s cheaper than you could buy a replacement blade, which I don’t think they offer anymore anyway. Everything is supposed to be disposable these days. If I eventually get the diamond needle files I want, I can resharpen such blades, though. Fiskars is one more sad story among thousands. They used to be of the highest quality and manufactured in Finland. Now, like most companies, the bulk of their products are made in Communist China by near slave-labor. It’s a sign of the times, I guess.

I just finished watching a couple Gaither shows on TV, the first about Cliff Barrows, the second about the Goodman’s. Good music (mostly). Such shows remind us how thankful we should be for a loving Father and a victorious Savior.

Well, it’s time for me to make my daily call to Mom and then check out the internet. Please pray for the folks being battered by what’s left of Hurricane Harvey. © 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hill Hay Versus Holler Hay – A Hillbilly Dilemma

I was raised on a 135 acre hill farm in West Virginia. For those who’ve never been there, MOST of West Virginia is hill or holler (hollow). Only about five acres of our place was bottom-land that would flood, and that area was in the pasture, not a meadow. A lot of our fields weren’t all that fertile, though we did what we could afford to improve them. We had some clover and orchard grass, but we also had a lot of wild grasses mixed in some sections, and no small amount of broom sedge. Still, if we could get it cut at just the right time and dried to perfection, our cows would eat it like candy.

We had neighbors who cut hay on low ground next to the creek, and the land there was fertile and the grass grew tall. Unfortunately, there were also a lot more weeds there. However, if you could get it cut and dried perfectly, the cattle ate it decently. Strangely enough, they would eat our generally “poorer quality” hilltop hay better than the often more favored species of hay from the hollers and valleys of the area.

The reason wasn’t hard to diagnose, though. When you worked the hay in the hollers and valleys, there were often wet tire tracks in the grass stubble and the tractor tires would be moist. The hay dried, sitting there atop the stubble, but it was never far from a source of moisture, and it often took an extra day to dry. The ground often had a slight musty smell and so did the hay.

One winter, a neighbor was running low on hay and his cattle weren’t eating his valley hay very well, despite it being red clover and timothy. He asked if we had some to spare and we did, but it was nearly 100% third cutting broom sedge. However, it was perfectly cured and caught early before the tops got fuzzy. Our cattle ate it fine and it turned out that his did, too. In fact, he ended up wanting all we could spare, because once his cattle tasted it, they didn’t want his hay anymore. He ended up mixing the two to get rid of his hay.

The situation was a source of amusement for us all, but it made Dad and me thankful that we had hilltop meadows. © 2017

Monday, August 21, 2017

Dirty Laundry And Witching Water

My only sibling, a sister a few years older than me, was always what I’d call “different.” She went through three majors, seven years of college and multiple thousands of the folks’ money to get a four year degree. She used her education for five years before marrying a worthless Pentecostal “preacher” and living with him in a school bus as he did “campground ministry.” Every few months, he’d return to town to do a little work as a remodeling contractor to get a grubstake before going back to his ministry. I think he may have hood-winked my mom, but my dad, and my wife and I soon figured out that he was as lazy as a 15-year-old hound and as crooked as a barrel of snakes.

He eventually decided to build a small house on a part of the farm my folks had offered them to give them a “home base.” He built a bank basement with an upstairs, but stopped after he got the roof on and never finished the inside. Still, they lived in the basement during the winter and decided, come spring, to sell the bus and try to do ministry locally. I won’t go into details how they lived or what they did for the next few years except to say that they continued to live in the basement. On three different occasions, my dad and I sawed out the lumber that he said he needed to finish the house and all three times he let the lumber sit in the weather and rot.

After my father passed away unexpectedly, my brother-in-law thought for sure that he was going to weasel part ownership of the farm from my mother. Thankfully, mom didn’t go for it, though she was tempted. The promise had always been that I would inherit whichever two of three pieces of property the folks had and my sister was to get the remaining piece and her college education. What went to who was well decided by that time. When he didn’t get his way, he packed up some of his stuff and my sister and ran off to Florida to pout. There’s a lot more that could be told about him, but you’ve probably heard more than you wanted already.

After a few years, people figured out that no-one was living in the house and things started to be moved around and some things disappeared, so we gave the building to a kid we went to church with for the materials that were in it. He used it to add a couple rooms to his house.

I decided to disconnect the water line to the place where it connected to my mother’s line, but it wasn’t marked. So, on a lark, I made a couple “dowsing rods” from a couple old coat-hangers and soon found the line. Oddly enough, I also found something else running roughly parallel to the line about six feet downhill and angling further away as it ran toward mom’s line. Ironically, I couldn’t find the last 75 feet of the line where it attached to mom’s line. Whatever the other thing was piddled out also, but not to shooting over the hill on a hogback.

Frustrated, and remembering that dowsing was also called “witching” by some, I asked the Lord to either help me find the rest of the line, or give me a sign if he didn’t want me doing such things. From that moment on, the rods wouldn’t move an inch, no matter where I walked. That was the first and last time that I ever dowsed for “water.”© 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Muggy Morning Musings With The Mutt

It was stormy here yesterday and last night with over a half-dozen little “stormettes” totaling ½ to ¾ of an inch of rain. The whole day was cloudy and dark, though, and the tater wagon often rolled along in the distance.

I’d taken out the pooch just before daylight and returned to bed. When I got up again around 10, I took her out yet again and she drained another good puddle and dumped a healthy load. Her eating is a little sporadic, so “other things” are too. We sat on the porch when she finished.

There were tall, fluffy clouds scooting along in the sky today. These were pretty and bright, unlike the dark, foreboding ones from yesterday. When one passed between us and the sun, the day would seem a bit gloomy for a few seconds, or minutes. Shortly, it would be past and the sun would burst forth again. There was a light breeze at ground level, making the mugginess more bearable than it would have been otherwise. The temperature itself didn’t seem too bad yet. Also, the concrete porch floor was cool on the pooches belly and my bare feet. (I’d removed my “rubber slippers” on sitting down.)

I was a bit disappointed as I sat and looked at several small projects I’d hoped to accomplish this summer that are yet undone. It’s no fun to be physically worthless. In combination with my natural laziness it means a lot of things just don’t get done. Still, it was such a pretty day that it was hard to be irritated either at life, old age or myself. I’ve been avoiding the news a bit lately; it’s so full of morons deliberately trying to stir up civil war. It turns out that CNN set up the whole Charlottesville fiasco, but we’ll never hear that on MSM. It’s so much nicer to sit on the porch and pretend the world is still a nice place.

August is half over. Wow. The days are flying, even when the hours drag. So often anymore, I’m reminded of the song from “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Sunrise, Sunset”—especially the line “swiftly fly the years.” When we mention that September is almost here, my wife’s reminded of the song “September in the Rain,” while I think of “September’s Song.” In a few more years, we’ll both be singing “a new song.”

The missus told me a couple weeks ago that she could smell fall already. A handful of early indicators we’re familiar with (certain local trees and even individual branches on certain trees) are already turning from green to yellow and red. The woods are far quieter than they were even a month ago. My wife says that in autumn, the world prepares to go to sleep. She’s basically right, I guess. With each passing earthly autumn, I’m more keenly aware how deeply I am into my own autumn of life. As I do with the seasons of nature, I’ll hope for an extended autumn and a late and short winter.

It’s strange sometimes how life can at once be so melancholy, yet so wonderful. God is good. Bless you all. © 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

And If You Die?

We all know that you will. I try to maintain what low level of preparedness I can at my age and physical ability, but it isn’t much. I see some folks preparing for worst-case scenarios by hoarding and caching arms, food, clothing, medical supplies, tools, batteries and so on, and there isn’t anything wrong with that. However, no-one can be totally prepared against every possible evil.

Evil is the key word here. Mankind is inherently evil; that’s why the Russians seek more territory, the Chinese seek more power, the muslims behead more people and rape more women, children and animals, the democrats seek to kill more babies and the Rothschilds seek more money and power. No matter where you live in this world, you will not totally escape the evil to be found here. Even the natural world conspires against us. New diseases keep being discovered, old ones resurrect themselves and even our favorite park, Yellowstone, keeps threatening to blow sky-high and annihilate the region and blanket the globe with ash and bad weather.

It amazes me that people are running around like Chicken Little, obsessing over this danger and that, like it came on them totally unexpected. The Holy Bible warned us about it thousands of years ago. It warned us that the world would grow increasingly evil. It warned us that we would become virtual slaves to the world government/ religion. It warned us that even nature would turn against us. It warned us that much of the world population would die in a huge war, AND it warned us that the world would be destroyed by fire next time, not flood. Should we then be surprised that a pudgy little brat in North Korea is threatening us with nuclear war? Hardly.

Still, it’s more likely that we’ll all die as the generations before us have mostly died—one at a time. However, the effect is the same. We will be thrust into the next life, the next dimension if you prefer, and most people will be totally unprepared for it. No matter how much some of us want to ignore the fact, there is a God. We all sense it, though many pretend they don’t. And that God will demand answers of us as to why we did what we did and what we’ve done to make it right. Sadly, we are such corrupt creatures that there is absolutely nothing that we CAN do to make it right.

When that day comes, neither the false gods of Vishnu, Buddha, Allah, the tree spirits of Druidism nor any others can help you; they’re merely demons passing themselves off as gods to the foolish. Only the holy blood of Jesus can help you. Only His blood can wash away your sins. Thankfully, He has given us that option. If you accept Jesus as your personal savior, you will be saved, but ONLY if you accept Him.
Only THAT makes you truly prepared for any catastrophe. © 2017


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"It’s All Part Of The Plan"

Those who follow my blog, or see some of my responses to links and posts on Facebook have heard me say the words in the above title before. The crazy thing is that it applies to nearly anything. Those who truly understand the old saying “All things are relevant” will know what I mean. Those who don’t? There’s probably nothing I can say to clear it up for you.

A lot of folks lump me in with “those crazy conspiracy theorists,” but that’s okay. There are a LOT of theories out there about a lot of things, but the surprising thing is how many are TRUE, WHEN YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH. Sadly, most folks just want to dismiss them out of hand and never educate themselves on the reality, preferring to take the easy route and swallow what the news media feeds them.

Those in the know realize that the democrat party (and many RINO’s as well) are closet socialists and communists. (Here’s the short list in DC: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2010/08/american-socialists-release-names-of-70-congressional-democrats-in-their-caucus/). This influence is also felt at state, county and city levels. SO, when some bill or regulation sounds like something Stalin would like, why should we be surprised? The socialist and communist influences are rampant in education. I saw the beginnings of it 45 years ago when I was in school; I see it almost daily in current headlines. Remember that socialist first try to make everyone “equal,” before then making them all irrelevant by being subservient to the state, thus the obsessions with “rights” for everyone except the majority and being “politically correct.”

Many in positions of world “leadership” believe that the earth can only sustainably harbor 500,000,000 (half a billion) people. Unfortunately, in their minds, there are already seven billion people in the world, meaning that they want to get rid of 6.5 billion of us. Naturally, they don’t plan on being in that larger number. Hillary openly admitted in the past year or so that she is one of those believers. I’m sure Gore is probably another. Knowing that, is it any surprise that the government is trying to force everyone to be vaccinated for this and that, even though those vaccines are always full of poisonous chemicals whose presence can’t be rationally explained? Many of those chemicals cause cancer; is it any wonder cancer is so prevalent?

Wars, of course, are a good way to kill people off, and the Rothschilds make a bundle backing them. They’ve financed every war since the days of Napoleon, and it seems to have paid well for them. They control the banking of every nation in the world but three. Often, their way of getting their foot in the door is to finance a war against a nation and then move in with the victors. Two of those countries are Iran and North Korea, nations where war with outsiders could easily happen. Do you really think that’s coincidence? I’m sure that many of the invaders don’t even realize that they’re being used, but the strings are pulled from a distance and they have no choice.

Think of a few other things, Russia wants to destabilize our country so they will feel less threatened by us. They don’t care who wins the elections, but if they can cast doubt by their efforts, they get the left and right fighting and accomplish their goal. Abortion teaches people not to value life, so euthanasia comes next. Don’t believe it? Check out the European countries that allow euthanasia and see if they didn’t start with abortion. Socialism, communism and other tyrannies cannot force the hand of an adequately armed citizenry. So why do you think that even though the guy in Charlottesville used a car to kill people (either purposely or accidentally), the democrats are screaming for GUN CONTROL? Why not CAR control? (Don’t laugh, what do you think trying to force people onto public transportation is all about?) And global warming? One of its biggest European supporters recently admitted that its sole purpose was to destroy capitalism, just like environmental regulations.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no one headquarters for all this evil, unless it would be the Rothschild offices. However, we have several organizations dedicated to ruling or greatly influencing the world. First, we have The United Nations, then NATO, then the European Union, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati (yes, they really exist), the Trilateral Commission and other groups around the world.

However far down the ladder their influence may be felt, they don’t have to issue commands for each and every thing they wish to accomplish. There are plenty of greedy, power-hungry people willing to take “pennies from the pockets of widows and food from the mouths of babies.” to further their own agenda. Since this furthers the cause of the globalists, they aren’t about to complain.

Those who read their Bibles aren’t surprised by ANY of this. The scriptures tell us of the latter days from nearly the beginning of the Old Testament through the New Testament, though some of the earlier ones are veiled. There IS one individual behind all this, but many people don’t even believe that he exists. However, the old saying that “the devil is in the details” can certainly have more than one meaning. It really is all part of the plan, and remember, ALL THINGS ARE RELEVANT! © 2017

Friday, August 11, 2017

Foolishness And Self Absorption

A couple things I've seen on TV lately have sort of amazed me. The first are the commercials for expensive "meal components" or whatever you might want to call "selected" groceries delivered to your door with a recipe. Then you do all the prep and all the cooking and then sit down to a "gourmet" home-cooked meal.

Now firstly, if you know what you want to fix, I'm sure that you can buy the components cheaper locally. Secondly, even after doing all the work to prepare, cook and plate the meal, you could still have gone out to a nice restaurant just as cheaply for a lot less effort, and then you wouldn't have had to wash the dishes. I'm all for eating at home, but buy your own groceries for gosh sakes!

The other ad that actually torques me are the two young women so thrilled because they can sell their designer handbags at a loss for a still ridiculous price. I believe we are to assume that they'll NOT take that money to pay the rent, but to buy NEW designer handbags which they will soon grow tired of and sell, so they can buy yet NEWER designer handbags, "ad nauseum."

I will assume the women are actually living beyond their means, or they wouldn't NEED to sell their old handbags to buy new ones. I also assume that they must be fickle, or they wouldn't tire so quickly of a quality bag.Worst of all, while they're running around buying handbags that they apparently can't really afford, people are probably walking the streets hungry and homeless within tenths of a mile of their conspicuous consumption.

I find both of these scenarios ridiculously wasteful of money, but the last is repulsively so. © 2017

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Slow Day

Actually, MOST days are slow for me anymore. Sometimes it feels like a blessing and sometimes a curse. The missus had “lunch” at 9:30 again this morning. Amusingly enough, it was eggs and sausage, but she called it lunch anyway. That probably means that she hadn’t been asleep since well before daylight and it felt like the middle of the day to her. She’s the cook, so she can call it what she wants.

We went to the Chinamart on the far side of town today and they still didn’t have any saw palmetto, if they ever do. I can’t ever get a chance to ask the druggist if they even carry it, since they’re either busy filling orders or talking to one another and deliberately ignoring people they sense have questions. They aren’t like that in our “home store,” thank goodness. Folks on that side of town tend to be “different;” I won’t say more, since I have some friends and relatives over there.

The number of immature people in the world never ceases to amaze me. I stopped at a gas station across from the store to get a money order and some woman, nearly our own age, pulled up beside us with her window down and her radio blasting. She then proceeded to go inside and leave her car running and the radio roaring until she came back out again. The missus asked me what ailed someone like that and I told her that the woman was just a female version of the guys you see with tattoo sleeves, long hair, loud motorcycles and their radio blaring. Those fellows are little boys at heart, jumping up and down hollering “look at me; look at me!”

A little ways down the road, a guy with a Ford dually was coming at me and tromped the gas pedal, roaring his engine up the grade and blowing black smoke everywhere. The missus asked about him, too. I told her it was the “look at me” thing again, PLUS, he thought that he was showing me that he had a “rougher” truck than I had. Frankly, I’m glad that my truck doesn’t smoke like that. Also, I’m old enough to know that my truck will still be tooling down the road after he long ago spent thousands of dollars keeping his running and STILL ended up having to scrap it. Maybe he’ll grow up someday, but those kinds of guys usually don’t.

The missus has been glued to the TV ever since we got home, since PBS is running a Downton Abbey marathon as they beg for money. It was a good series, and I would watch it if they ran it AS A SERIES. However, I refuse to be held captive 24/7 by even a GOOD television show.

I took a short nap this afternoon after changing my bed. I’d planned for it to be a longer nap, but I just laid there resting for the longest time before finally drifting off for about 20 minutes. I’m getting a bit tired of being on the computer, maybe I’ll go upstairs and watch FOX a little while –until I get sick of politics……..again. © 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Sabbath

Some of you know how I feel about God’s Sabbath versus Emperor Constantine’s sabbath. Still, I know that it’s not strict adherence to the law that saves us, but the holy blood of Yeshua (Jesus), so I try not to brow-beat others who disagree with me, no matter how angry and offended some of them get (and some do occasionally). Those folks may find it quite hypocritical of me that I don’t keep the Sabbath 100% myself (not that anyone probably could, if you went by Jewish tradition). I don’t do any work of any kind, but if the missus wants to cook or eat out, I don’t argue with her. Nor do I fuss about doing some of our grocery shopping on that day. It’s not my preference to do these things, but she doesn’t believe as I do, having been brain-washed into the traditions of men. Since I believe that the Lord will forgive me for trying to keep peace by not following the rules 100%, I quit long ago trying to convince my wife that we shouldn’t be doing these things.

That being said, I began my Sabbath yesterday evening by ceasing the posting of political matters on Facebook and Blogger. Perhaps the Lord wouldn’t care, but I figure it gives a break to both my readers and myself, plus, I believe it shows a little respect for the Lord not to be bringing the vanity of politics into the day. Sometimes I forget and post something political without thinking, but if I realize it later, I take the post down.

It’s usually my custom to say several short prayers through the day, either on a single subject in my own life, or for the needs of others. At bedtime, though, I usually read a little scripture and say a longer prayer to try and set all things in my life right with the Lord. Currently, I’m studying my way through Genesis as my scripture reading, using a King James Bible, a Halley’s Bible Commentary and the study notes in a NASB Bible.

Today, the missus wanted to take what money was left over from paying our property taxes and buy lunch out at a “moderately priced” chain restaurant. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything to brag about either. The small steak I ordered tasted fine and was cooked properly, but the green beans were rather tasteless and neither they, nor the mashed potatoes, had the slightest hint of the garlic that the menu promised. Since I take water pills, I had to make a run to the men’s room while we were there. On my return, I told my wife that the restroom would require a putty knife, a scrub brush, some Comet Cleanser, some bleach, a water hose and a full day’s work to return it to true cleanliness. Remember the old saying that a restaurant’s kitchen is usually about as clean as its restrooms? (Shudder)

I looked at Chinamart for saw palmetto, the natural substance I use to replace the expensive medicine that I would now have to buy on my own, since Medicaid now considers me rich and took away my benefits. Saw palmetto seems to work as good as the medicine and has an interesting positive side effect, as well. Unfortunately, this was the third Chinamart I’d checked and they’ve all been out. I then checked Kroger’s, who apparently doesn’t stock it, and then Rite-Aid, whose price was about double what I wanted to pay. Oh well, I guess I’ll just dribble down my leg. (Joking.)

Tonight, after the sun goes down, I’ll go back to harassing my readers with political posts. I hope you enjoyed the break and I hope you had a pleasant Sabbath. © 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Day Could Have Been Worse

We ran around for a while today paying bills. Due to running the air-conditioner so much and a water leak recently observed (on my bill), the funds that normally cover my monthly bills was shy about $50 of paying them. So, I’ll have to pay the last one with some of my monthly check. That means my already short supply of “disposable income” will be even shorter, especially since I have to get my phone card this week. Oh well, God always seems to meet our needs.

In the last four months, I’ve seen my water bill edge up about $5 a month. The missus said that she was running the dishwasher and clothes washer more this summer and that was probably the difference. THIS month, however, the jump was $15. I mentioned it as I paid my bill today and the lady said we used about an extra 3000 gallons this past month. That’s about 100 gallons a day, or about 4 gallons an hour. One of their workers dropped by just before quitting time and said the current leak, judging from the meter, was about EIGHT gallons an hour. However, the meter well was dry he said, so it wasn’t just outside the meter well like it was a few years ago when I had to fix it.

That made us wonder about the toilet and he said it MIGHT be leaking that much without being heard. After he left, we put some food coloring in the tank and it immediately went to the bowl, so I hope that’s the ONLY leak. Later, I took the top off the tank and put my ear literally inside the top of the tank and I could barely hear a slight leak. Don’t tell the missus, but I spit in the tank and the drain sucked the spittle right DOWN! I’m understandably relieved. What COULD have involved having to hire a contractor (since I can’t do heavy work anymore) turned into a $5 and five minute fix. Talk about dodging the bullet!

There’s some kind of tiny native (I assume) ground cover that grows in my lawn that has three leaves and a minuscule yellow bloom. I’ve always wondered what it was, so I went looking on the internet tonight and learned that it was “lesser trefoil” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trifolium_dubium). So now I know!

Tomorrow, I guess I’ll go to the mom and pop hardware store at the edge of town and get a flapper valve for the commode and see if they’ve gotten in any ¾ inch dowels. They didn’t have any left of the latter the last time I checked, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. My life moves forward a dollar at a time, it seems, when it’s not moving backwards. “Gloom, despair, and agony on me! Ooooooh!” – LOL © 2017