Sunday, August 29, 2021

A Decision Is Made (and another subject)


Last night I watched TV commercials for an hour. That wasn’t my plan, but that was the outcome. I began at the top numbered channel and worked my way down, trying to find something to watch. The problem was that at any given moment, most channels seems to be on commercial, so, I had to wait until umpteen commercials were over before I could even see what program was playing on that channel. Once I saw what was playing, it usually took about two seconds to tell that it was nothing that interested me. Then, I’d drop down a channel and watch another series of commercials before I could find what was playing on that channel. Two seconds and repeat. At the end of an hour, I’d watched commercials on nearly every channel and found NOTHING worth watching anyway. That is NOT what TV was supposed to be about! I paid for cable the past the last time; I will no longer be doing so.

“The kids” (stepson and daughter-in-law) came out today and got a few things of my late wife’s, mostly decorations. Some more practical stuff will be going to a niece of my daughter-in-law who just “set up housekeeping” and has nothing. Maybe a few things will go to one of my granddaughters who’s doing the same. There will be things at my sister’s house they might use, too, since she won’t be moving back.

I’ve thrown away a few things of my wife’s, including a few old clothes, but the bulk of her clothes downstairs went into enough garbage bags to fill the back seat of the truck. I’ll drop them off at the Salvation Army tomorrow. Her nicer clothes (which she hadn’t worn for years) are upstairs, but there aren’t nearly as many of them. She did have a bit of a shoe collection, though. It still feels strange to get rid of her stuff, but the place is gradually looking neater. Someone more organized than I would probably have it better-looking yet. Oh well, there’s no rush. Copyright 8/29/2021


My Logger


The fellow who cut my timber several years ago is a long-distance neighbor, a Christian and a family friend, but he wasn’t able to get to my place this year. There were parts of the property that I didn’t let him cut, plus, some trees that were too small then had grown considerably in the 10 years or so since his cut. He recommended a good Christian friend, but that friend was unable to get to it this year, either. He, in turn, recommended another Christian friend.

He seems like a really nice guy, though I wish he was paying an extra 10%, but at least he was up front about it. Part of the reason may be that he also hauls the #3 logs that were left in the woods 10 years ago. The lumber prices have made them worth hauling, though they still don’t pay tremendous prices for them. One thing about it is that my check comes from the lumber company the same as the logger’s, so I don’t have to worry about him being tempted to fudge on the price.

I do a lot of praying for the man. He works alone, as I did for many years. It’s dangerous work and was the most dangerous job in America a few years ago. I just checked and it still is. There is danger just running the saw, let alone felling the trees. Still, I always get a bit nervous during the silence after I hear a tree crash in the woods. I’m always relieved when I hear his saw start up again.

It’s been a little wetter than I would have wished for him. But he seems to be working well enough when it’s dry that he still averages about a load a day. That’s on his heavy-duty tandem trailer that he pulls behind a two-ton truck. He is a small operator after all. He’s ahead of what I was in the day, though. I used a souped up pick-up and a tandem 16’ trailer built from a mobile home frame. He accepted the tire chains that I offered him from my pick-up. They were for 20” rims, so he may use them on his log truck.

I’d thought that he’d be in and out quickly, but he seems to be thorough and the higher prices has him cutting trees that would have been left just a few years ago. The property is all hill and holler and has very little road frontage, so it won’t detract much from the looks of the neighborhood. Besides, I have some projects that could use any extra money that comes along. I certainly can’t do anything myself anymore. Copyright 8/29/2021



Wednesday, August 25, 2021

I Don’t Write Much Anymore


That’s partly because I think most of my followers are just into the “memes and memories.” Besides, my life is mostly a collection of little things with no real story theme.

Most of the free stuff has disappeared out by the road. I’ll put some more things as I can. I put a box out there with pot and pan handles sticking out the top, but after after three days, it’s still there. It contains three nonstick sauce pans, plus three nonstick frying pans with glass lids. I’m surprised they’re still there while the three large boxes of Kleenex are gone.

My cousin and I are spending a couple hours twice a week cleaning out my Mom’s apartment. I was hoping to have it all rid out by the end of this month, but that looked unlikely, so I paid next month’s rent yesterday. My cousin lives in the same building and has had great luck SELLING some of Mom’s furniture to old ladies there. He just tells them to make an offer and they are surprisingly generous.

Besides the things I’ve given away, I’ve also thrown away some of my wife’s smaller items, like make-up and related beauty items. She had five electric lanterns (battery powered) in case of power outages. I felt that one was enough for me with all the flashlights that I have stuck around. And one spare was more than enough. So, for something to do this morning and to take the pooch for a rise before it got hot, I took three of them out to my stepson’s place. I also took the cast iron skillet that his grandma had given his mother when his folks got married. For some reason, she’d let it soak for weeks on end, so I took the rotary wire brush and the electric drill to it and cleaned off the surface rust and re-seasoned it.

Rain kept the logger out of the woods last week, but he’s been back in there the last couple days. I always pray for his safety, since I worked alone in the woods for years and know just how dangerous it is. I’m always thankful to hear his saw start up again after the silence following a tree falling.

It was nice, but hot when I got back from my stepson’s, so I left the truck windows down, planning to put them up later. About 3:30PM, I awoke from a nap to hear heavy wind. That’s rarely a good sign, so I took the dog out to pee and got my truck windows put up and sat on the porch. Soon, the wind and the rain drove me inside while the tater wagon rolled around in the distance. After about an hour, the wind and rain both stopped, but I suppose the logger will be kept out of the woods at least a day.

I’m hoping the logger does well, as I’ve got some things I’d like to do, like get my truck AC fixed, pay my property taxes, have my roof fixed and some other things that cost money. Time will tell.

Mom is in the nursing home, but there’s no formal okay from corporate, plus my sister is currently in a home. They are having trouble getting Medicare and Medicaid all sorted out, though. Things always have to be difficult. Well, I hope all is okay with you folks; take care. Copyright 8/25/2021