Saturday, September 18, 2021

Trying Not To Be A Hypocrite


After the missus passed, I thought that I would automatically swing into keeping the Sabbath as I’d always wanted. Not doing so won’t send us to Hell, but I feel that the Lord withholds many blessings from us for not obeying that commandment. I discovered, though, that old thought patterns (and NON-thought patterns) die hard. At the very least, it seemed that I always had to buy dinner for the Mighty Dachshund and myself.

This week, I planned ahead and bought some canned beef that we both love and can eat without even warming above room temperature. Originally, I thought that I should deposit my latest timber check, but it can lie safely here in the house until Monday. I’m also out of a couple of my staples in the fridge, but I can live without them one more day. There’s nothing sacred about Sunday after all. I MAY go out to my sister’s house and look and think. If I see any quilts or my great grandmother’s doll, I’ll bring them home, but I won’t dig around looking for them. I may not find them anyway, as I told a couple of her friends to take anything they wanted, so if they were there, they may now be gone. Strange, but of a house full of stuff, the only two things I’ve taken was my great grandfather’s stand and an Old Hickory paring knife.

Despite my efforts to remind Christians that GOD NEVER RESCINDED THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT, this may be the first time that I’ve ever truly kept it myself. Incidentally, I find it ironic that Christians say the Fourth Commandment no longer applies, yet they say that we should follow the other nine. Regardless, they have to answer to God for their own sins and I need to get better at minding my own. Keeping the Sabbath really isn’t a hard thing if I can just THINK AHEAD. Copyright 9/18/2021


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Bucks In The Yard


Does and fawns in my yard are a dime a dozen. Several generations have grown up here without me or the dog bothering them. As a result, they often lie only 25-50 feet away when I take the dog out. They walk by the porch, mostly unconcerned that the dog and I are there and that I’m talking quietly to them. Bucks are rare, though.

That why I was surprised to see a small six-point with the does the other day, though that time of year is slowly approaching. The velvet was gone from his antlers already and I noticed him watching into the woods. Soon, a small spike, still in velvet, made his entrance and grazed with the others, obviously trying to avoid the six-pointer. The six-pointer wasn’t about to allow himself to be ignored, though and went to the smaller one and bullied him around just enough to remind him that he was boss.

THEN, an larger buck with eight polished points showed up. The spike wanted no part of him and went to the lawn’s edge and grazed. The six-pointer pretended not to notice him, but the eight-pointer did like that and made his presence known, and a tad more forcefully than the smaller buck had with the spike. The smaller buck offered some resistance, but not much and soon went to the far end of the herd. The eight-pointer didn’t have heavy beams, but he had a nice spread. I haven’t seen any of them since. Copyright 9/14/2021