Sunday, November 21, 2021

Rainy Porch Sit


I don’t remember hearing that it was supposed to rain today, but when I took the pooch out at 3PM, I was greeted by a gentle to moderate rain. After a quick drain, the Mighty Dachshund hopped back onto the porch and we took our porch-sitting positions.

There was no obvious breeze, yet a few of the rain drops made it from the eaves three feet away to hit my left side. It was cool but wouldn’t have felt cold if not for the rain and slight breeze that dampened my side. I told the pooch to lie on the “rug” (welcome mat) so she’d be out of any rain and be lying on something warmer than concrete.

There was little sound to be heard, other than the patter of drops on fallen leaves and those few remaining on the trees. (Leaves are now sparse enough that I saw the first light from the airport two or three nights ago.) We’d been enjoying our sit several minutes when I decided that the wooden swing had somehow grown harder in the short time we’d been there and it was already time to ease my backside by going back in the house to softer seating. I hated to leave, but old age has some disadvantages that you just can’t fight. Copyright 11/21/2021


Saturday, November 13, 2021

Dern Such Weather!


Those familiar with this blog have seen those words before. Like most other old men, it’s one of the few things I have to talk about.

The last several weeks have spoiled me with sunny days, cloudless skies and comfortable temperatures punctuated by an occasional gentle shower. The mighty Dachshund and I have taken advantage of the situation by frequenting the porch at all hours - enjoying the deer, the birds plus the gentle breezes rustling the tree leaves. The last couple sunny days were downright windy, though, and blew hordes of turning leaves from the trees. The leaves haven’t been especially pretty this year. The colors were the same, but the tones were greatly subdued compared to some years - so much so that it was hard to say just when the the brown began tinting them. Regardless, down they came, one particularly hard gust brought such numbers that I saw fear in the dog’s eyes as they filled the air only inches from her location at the edge of the porch. The view from the swing is now decidedly more winterish than fallish.

The last two days have been downright insulting to one so spoiled by the previous weeks - cold, dark, rainy and very windy. The wind is the killer; it makes any possibility of enjoying outdoor time impossible. I don’t tolerate winter like I did as a young man. Though it technically doesn’t arrive for another month, the reality is that it’s here already and I’m ready for spring. Copyright 11/13/2021


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

A Little Headway


My cousin and I went over to my stepson’s and tinkered on the 4x4 frame I’m building to make my (old) bed a bit higher when I move it there. I took a good look at my future quarters. It’s about the size of the room where I spend most of my time in my current house. There aren’t any windows, so it will be a bit like living in a dungeon, but I don’t use the windows I currently have, so it may not be so different. The bathroom is a separate room entered from the “public” hall.

We really enjoyed the large deck just outside my future door and sat there for quit a while. Robert (my stepson) had the brush cut along the river bank, so now we can sit there and watch the Little Kanawha flow by. I suspect the Mighty Dachshund and I will spend as much time out there as weather allows. There’s only another deck above (no roof), so prolonged rain will send me inside the same as cold or windy weather. I’m going to take my wife’s rollator over there when we move so the dog can have one piece of furniture of her own. She likes to sleep under it quite often.

Life there will certainly be different, but I’m sure we’ll survive. Copyright 11/9/2021


Saturday, November 6, 2021

Getting Along


It’s a beautiful (but cold) Sabbath day. With my options more limited as to what I can do and my cousin and son-in-law both busy, I felt the beginning of the lonelies, so I talked to the Lord about it, along with a lot of other things. He’s helping me with it.

Things are changing here on Tick Ridge. The picturesque old barn that sat next to my north line has been torn down and a house is being erected in it’s place. I’d have rather the barn remained. The house will probably eventually be home to a tribe of destructive little trespassers in my woods.

Further out the road, a little house that was a landmark to us old codgers has been torn down and the ground seeded and strawed. Likewise, two abandoned mobile homes that had become eyesores. Their plots got seeded and strawed, too. I believe a wealthy neighbor who owns the farm next door bought the trailers and dealt with them. They’d already owned the little house for years and had rented it out. It must have gotten to the point of requiring some maintenance and you know how rich people hate to spend money.

The folks come from farm stock and have so far kept the home place. I don’t think they turn a hand on it these days but rent the pasture and meadow to someone who probably can’t afford his own farm. They DO let him use some of their equipment, or maybe they RENT it to him. Either way, I’m always pleased to see the the green grass and the cattle as I drive by on my way to town. It’s a sight I’ll miss going to and from my stepson’s place when the time comes. I’ll miss my porch sits, too, but maybe they’ll be replaced with deck sits as I watch the river. His home sits in a sort of little semi-rural community at the country edge of town with lots of huge lawns, but no cattle. Life moves on, I must move with it.

My life these days certainly isn’t what it used to be, or what I wish it was, but it’s what it is, good and bad together. I guess all of life is that way. However, I’ve always gotten along and I reckon I’ll continue to.

P.S. - I didn’t post this when I wrote it because the pooch demanded to go out. After she dumped and drained, we sat on the porch a while. The day had warmed up by that time to where it was cool as opposed to cold. I wore my hoodie for the first time this fall, though, and my ears appreciated the hood. Copyright 11/6/2021