Thursday, November 30, 2023

Things Are Different.


It's another beautiful day in what has been a beautiful year. Sadly, all I can do is look out the window at it. It's a big change from my earlier life. I grew up working on the farm, helping at the sawmill, logging, and cutting and selling firewood. I kept those businesses going when Dad passed away. My hobbies were hunting, fishing, trapping, riding horses, hiking and camping. Most of my time was spent outdoors and I loved it. Now, I'm mostly housebound, remembering the days of yore and waiting my turn to move to the next life. At least I know that I'll be going somewhere better.



Peteforester said...

Yeah... It sucks when "who we are" is "who we once were." In God's wisdom though we're still here. Continue to allow God to work with you and through you, Gorges. You are still appreciated here!

Glenn555 said...

There's still a young man in you Gorges! Lighten up, and enjoy life,,,

boron said...

I'm not afraid to meet my maker; I haven't been since I wrote Uncle Sam a blank check many years ago.
I'm (very) close on 83, need a walker (even for those nightly calls), and had half my guts cut out 5 years ago, but I wake every morning happy and blessing His Name that He has given me another day to witness His miracles.

anonymous said...

From working on the farm to camping - you listed 11 activities that are hardly being taught anymore .You often showed equipment and how people used it in your blog until several months ago .
I honestly know first hand how hard it is to lose mobility,however I still try to share knowledge younger folks need when I can . .
Would you be able to find old photos of tools and equipment online.,publish them here and explain to those who don't know how to use all of those things to build ,use or sell needed products that they could then make, thanks to you? ..
Gorges, you have a head full of knowledge others could use, I pray you"ll be blessed whatever you decide to do,

Norene said...

I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. It is certainly hard to sit quietly, when your whole life has been spent rising to challenges and seeing how hard you can go! So many of us know what that's like...and don't like it! Not one little bit! I'm another note, I would so love to have access to your book about the family moving to America from Germany (?). I'm reading aloud to my husband in the evenings, and I think he would enjoy it very much. Hang in there!

Pumice said...


I continue to pray for your body and mind on a daily basis. Keep in mind that if you can get up the energy to write there are many people checking daily to hear your insights into the world.

If I can't get blogger to pass this on, I will try anonymous but it tells me you wont accept that.

Grace and peace


danielbarger said...

The more active you are when young the faster your body ages and degenerates. Just a fact of living. Sucks. Getting old isn't near as annoying as having your body betray you as time passes.

Mamahen said...

I agree!!!

Lady Locust said...

I like what Pumice said.
I have no wise words of my own other than to everything there is a season.
Are you able to do porch sits? I know the doggie was having troubles, but I also know it's winter and you being a little off kilter like most good folks 😉 enjoy the cooler temps being on the porch. You've a great ear for various birds and have some wildlife to entertain you at times.
Blessings my friend~